Notice Board

*Active* Notice-9: One Week Celebration with Emerging Geographers (24.08.2022-30.08.2022) on the account of Modern Geographer Carl Ritter’s Birthday

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Dated- 01August 2022

*Active* Notice-7: University Result Publication of BA Sem-VI (Honours) Examination, 2021 under CBCS         

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Dated- 26 August 2021

*Inactive*  Notice-6: Exam Schedule & List of E-mail (G-mail) Addresses for Answer scripts Submission of BA Sem-VI (Honours) Examination, 2021 (Subject:Geography Honours)           

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Dated- 28 July 2021

*Inactive* Notice-1: Internal Exam - 2021 of SEM-2, 4 & 6 (Geo Hons.)

(No: TLM/Geo/2021/N-2 Dated: 04/06/2021)

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Dated- 4 June 2021