Santali Department

(Turku Hansda Lapsa Hemram Mahavidyalay)


About the College:

Our college under the Green Canopy of Shal & Mahuya forest, named after the two great tribal leaders of Birbhum, Turku Hansda & Lapsa Hembram. THLH Mahavidyalay was established on 1st August, 2006 with a view to catering higher education to the aspiring students of a wide area surrounding Mallarpur, Birbhum. THLH Mahavidyalay of Birbhum District in West Bengal is situated in a plot of 5 acre land on the Raniganj-Suri-Moregram National Highway 60 and is well- connected with the District Head Quarter Suri and nearest Sub-Divisional Town Rampurhat. The college is linked by road & rail with the rest of the state and the country.

The small rural town Mallarpur is located on Howrah-Burdwan- Sahibganj loop line (ER) railway route. The college is located at a distance of 3 Km from both Mallarpur Railway Station (MLV) and Bus Stop (Bahina More) and about 17 Km from Rampurhat and 33Km from Suri by National Highway-60. At the west of it flows the irrigation Canal adjacent to the green of the Shal and Mahuya of Gonpur Forest.

Twin villages-Madian and Mehednagar-exist at the south of the college and along the northern boundary of it runs 60 National Highway from Panagar to Moregram. The east is open towards the horizon with the sometime green and sometime golden crops of the villagers.

About the Geography Department:

The department of geography is one of the core departments of Our College. It was established in 2006 to carryout undergraduate General courses in Geography. Gradually UG Honours course was introduced in 2007 and the first batch passed out in 2010. The Department of Geography envisages students’ enrichment with knowledge and skills for spatial thinking and analysis to understand the real world problems and contribute some meaningful ways for social wellbeing.

The Departmental library contains some collections of Geography Books and Maps. At present it has nearly 450 Books (reference and Texts Books) and 74 Topographical Maps. The Department has a fully equipped Cartography Lab (5 Transit Theodolite, 10 Prismatic compasses, 9 Dumpy Levels and many other instruments), Computer Lab, GIS Lab. and a Survey Lab.